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Eric Kafe can easily be contacted by Eric-mail.

Born in Paris, Eric Kafe studied computational linguistics at the University of Copenhagen, and had many very different jobs as a translator, teacher and computer programmer, before founding the software/publishing company MegaDoc.

Eric Kafe is specially interested in the space between art and science, including Text Generation, and Digital Art. Since 1970, like many other artists, he derives some inspiration from the landscapes in Cadaqués.

Since 2001, Eric Kafe publishes the Hyperdic online hyper-dictionary.


HyperDic, hyper-dictionary of English, ISBN 87-90905-02-4, CD-rom, 125.661 pages, 2001, MegaDoc, Copenhagen.

Here is a screenshot from the latest online version of HyperDic:

HyperDic online hyper-dictionary